Welcome to Creations by RED!


My purpose in creating this site is to share pictures of projects from classes I was a part of. Classes that help us discover new skills and develop existing skills are exciting. We look forward to them like presents on our birthday. For a brief time we are a community but then time is up and we need to go home. Most of the time, we have not finished our projects and don't have the chance to share our work. After all, we worked hard and are excited to show someone what we have done. Only a fellow sewer can fully appreciate our efforts. 


In addition to the project journal, I will be posting articles about techniques and thoughts about sewing, the creative process and the courage we display each time we put needle to fabric. 


Thank you to everyone that gave me permission to share their work. I am always amazed by the imagination displayed in thread.

Thank you for stopping by. Best Wishes to you in all your endeavors.

Renee, a.k.a, RED