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Am I Creative?

Am I Creative?

When someone says they are not creative, they usually mean they can’t dance, sing and/or paint like the professionals we see on stage or in a museum. That’s not the be all of creativity. We are all creators in a hundred different ways. We make dinner. We create a meal for ourselves and hopefully our families We decorate our homes to create an environment that is our sanctuary from the world. For those of us who leave our homes to work elsewhere, we create or write emails memos, reports or we work in a factory and create parts for machines that enrich our lives. The proverb “For want of a nail the battle was lost.” Shows that even being a small piece of the puzzle is valuable and significant. Each day we wake up. Each day we continue to create our lives.

So, yes you are creative. If you are looking to express your creativity in more traditional ways, then you are entering the world of music, dance, hobbies, crafts and the arts. Can you paint like Picasso? Probably not because you will pant in your own unique style. The first time you put pencil to paper the result will not be museum quality. That’s normal. The fact that you took the first step is great. Now take the next step and practice, practice and practice. Also, don’t listen to ANYONE who makes fun of your efforts.

Don’t give up.

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