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Renee's 2022 Christmas Survival Plan

The morning after Christmas my husband said to me “I don’t know if you are ready...but...Christmas is in 364 days.” He was lying in bed and it would have been easy to put a pillow over his face. However, showing how in tune we are to each other, I had been just thinking how I would pace myself so Christmas wouldn’t be as tiring for me in 2022.

As I was preparing for Christmas 2021, I was having a mental conversation about how to handle Christmas better. I am not calling this a New Year’s Resolution but instead:

Renee’s 2022 Christmas Survival Plan

Don’t just make lists, Take ACTION. Resolutions fail because we go from 0 to 100. Small steps and build on those small steps through the year. I don’t have the whole year filled out by so far, I have:


· Make a list of everyone I normally give a gift to. Figure out what I to give or make for them. My ultimate goal is to make a gift for everyone but not everyone wants/needs/appreciates a handmade gift. Part of this challenge is to figure out something they would like that I can make myself. If I make one gift per month, that will give me 12 handmade-with-love gifts.

· Update the Christmas Card List. I’ve had a lot of people moving in 2021 and I think some of my cards never reached their destination. I’m happy to say I did this chore yesterday, January 3, 2022, so I’m on track with plan.

· Put Christmas decorations away. The Elves went on vacation after all their hard work for Christmas. Shucks!

· Start and finish my 1st handmade gift.

I’ll post month by month. I’m hoping this makes for an easier, saner, happier Christmas 2022!


· Start and finish my 2nd handmade gift.


· Start and finish my 3rd handmade gift.


· Start and finish my 4th handmade gift.


· Start and finish my 5th handmade gift.


· Start and finish my 6th handmade gift.



· Start and finish my 7th handmade gift.


· Start and finish my 8th handmade gift.

· Make Pierogis for Christmas and freeze them.


· Start and finish my 9th handmade gift.


· Start and finish my 10th handmade gift.

· Address Christmas Card Envelopes. I’ll start doing my personal notes in the cards in November.

· Make baking list for Christmas. Start buying ingredients. Gather them in one bag/box so you can easily pull them out when you are ready to bake.


· Start on Christmas card writing. Create photo Christmas cards if that is your style.

· Start and finish my 11th handmade gift.


· I will be showing and discussing how to make gift baskets and gift wrapping.

· Make my baking gifts.

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